Treatment of springs and enhancement processes

Grinding of compression springs

A set of grinding machines enables spring processing in a wide range of diameters and lengths. Digitally controlled machines allow to create programs for different assortments and store them in memory, which ensures repeatability of the process. The electronic control allows to adjust the length of the springs during grinding with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. A large set of separators with different socket diameters ensure compliance with the requirements of the squareness and parallelism.


Heat treatment / Hardening

Ovens with electronic controls allow for precise control of temperature and processing time. In complex cases which require multiple changes of temperature in the course of process, it is possible to record temperature dependence of time with the use of the recorder, in order to confirm compliance. The company has a polymer base quench bath, providing high repeatability of the hardening process.



Shotpeening is a cold working process in which small spherical media called shots bombard the surface of a part with high kinetic energy. The result is a compressive stress on the surface and just below it, what delays the formation of cracks during operation, and thereby increase the fatigue life of the spring. Process is used mainly in automotive and aerospace industries.


Presstresing and setting

Processes that involve loading a spring above the elastic limit of the material. The result is a plastic deformation and stress of opposite sign than the working stress, which translates into a smaller settlement of a spring and increased durability.


Corrosion Protection

The basic protection corrosion measures are wax-based and are used for long-term protection. For greater demands, we offer painting, galvanizing, oxidation , cadmium and zinc flake technology in cooperation with Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co , experienced contractors. Durability of anti-corrosion coatings can be tested in a salt chamber.


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